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Living Traditions

Commissioned by Salt Lake City Arts Council. Interview + Capture Performances of 30 year participants of the Living Traditions Festival.

Photo Collective Studios was selected to Direct and Produce a 30 min Documentary of performances and interviews of original 30-year-long Participants of Living Traditions Festival in SLC.

In 2015, the Salt Lake City Arts Council celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Living Traditions Festival.  It was a great time to reflect on the memories, experiences and amazing stories that we have all shared throughout the 30 year history of the event. For the 2015 festival, we highlighted 12 groups/organizations that have been a part of the attraction since the first year. We asked them to share some of their stories, discuss their art forms, culture and community and their history with the Living Traditions Festival.

The festival began in May 1986 at the This is The Place State Monument as a part of national touring art installation called the “Prairie Ship Liberty”. At each stop of the “ship,” the artists asked the local community to put together an ethnic festival to celebrate America’s diversity. Salt Lake City was chosen as one of the locations for the exhibit to make a stop at, and there was the beginnings of the inaugural Living Traditions Festival. It has since been a staple event in Salt Lake City.