Photo Collective Studios

Library/Front of House. Clubhouse $75/hr. Full Building Rental $125/hr

Private Library Reservation Includes:

+Entry, Stairway, Library, Drawing Room, & Red Brick Front Patio exterior. Beautiful Natural Light throughout.

+ 1913 Lead-Stained Glass Balcony Doors with a delightful view of the Auditorium

+ 9ft Seamless Backdrops on ceiling. Mid-century/modern furniture.

Large Shoots over 15 people priced separately

Clubhouse on South Temple is the recently renovated historic social hall built in 1913 for the Ladies' Literary Club of Salt Lake City. The hall was used for private club functions for 100 years, finally opening to the public as a creative venue in 2016. Clubhouse is one of the best local examples of Prairie School style architecture featuring original hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows, and subtle decorative details.